Prices & Payments

For $300.00 you could have an extraordinary Birthday Party!  With online clues, tips, crossword puzzles, mysterious letter(s), and pictures, your own WordPress™ page (pick a name for it and we’ll name it beforehand), written instructions, plus a prize to commemorate your experience (if you want them in time to be given away at the party allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.).

For the first time use of our services only.

Free preparations° for the first time you use us. After that $25/hour.

  • Fixed prices for specific needs $300-$6000 depending on complexity.
    • $300.00+ for a birthday party.
    • $1500.00+ for a social event (like a scavenger-type ARG).
    • $6,000.00+ for a team-building ARG.


We charge a small retainer fee roughly 1/4 of the listed price. It will be credited to your bank account if you cancel at any point!

If you would like to pay for services rendered, please pay by Paypalᵀᴹ , Venmoᵀᴹ, or money order.


Service Agreement for services rendered.

° Prep fees are all the work we do prior to the delivery date. For example, setting up the server, ordering special customized items, setting the scene (backstory), Etc.