When ARG Meets Real Life

An ARG is supposed to mimic real life. Not be real life. There’s fiction passed off as reality and often reality that seems like fiction, I am talking about the current political crisis. Often ARG designers shy away from controversy IRL because it will seem too real and not fun at all. The point is […]

How Blogs and Vlogs Can Help ARGs

How many times have you thought about Blogs or Vlogs. In this instant gratification society it can seem like you are bombarded by videos, from the right way to brush your teeth to fixing a jet engine. People are cashing in big with their popular blogs or popular vlogs via ads, or via “word-of-mouth”. Always […]

Alternate Reality in the News

Alternate Reality Game named “Politika” June 4, 2018 Politika is the story about a fictitious country called West Djahar and the turmoil that ensued when a new civilization was discovered in the remote western mountains. The civilization was left alone to develop strange technologies and a unique language, unlike any civilization in the world. The […]

All Things ARG*

Here are links that you will need to start your ARGs (in no particular order): ARGN This is a starting point for ARGs. Post your ARG here. Wikipedia Reddit YouTube Mental Floss Innovative Learning Unfiction This is also a starting point for ARGs. There is a link to post ARGs to ARGN. eLearning Atlas Obscura […]


Live Action Role Play like flashmobs,  scavenger hunts, puzzle/mystery rooms, civil war/Star Wars/etc. re-enactments, etc. have become a popular pastime. The main difference seems to me to be “telling a story” versus a “follow the script” type of activity. LARPing (like RPGs) has some creative elements to it, but the difference between setting the stage […]

Asynchronous ARGs

“Asynchronous ARGs” that’s what I call ARGs that anyone can play because they don’t have to catch up with the story line. Unlike a story-based ARG, that can be told as a tale only after it has finished. For example, ARGs that are advertising something (i.e., a film, or a game) their goal is to […]

Tips For Building An ARG

You might like to base it on a book (or movie) that you’ve seen, or base it from your own personal experiences (for example, I could base it on my Peace Corps experiences). Basically, any idea that you have that intrigues you could be fodder for an ARG. Be sure there is something to please […]