How to…

Make your ARG more realistic: Refer/embed [to] real places Refer/talk about [to] real activities Start a website they can access freely Start a website that requires a key/clue to access it Get a good artist to design your logo and webpages Suggest a website where they can discuss the ARG privately Set-up dropboxes/places all over […]

Story Based ARGs

I tend to write story heavy ARGs. They are mostly about fictitious places or real places with fictional characters. As all ARGs are. But, I flatter myself that can tell a heck of a story. Up in the mountains of W. Djahar live a tribe of people with vastly superior technical abilities. They are descendants […]

Good night, Gracie

I still have trouble ending ARGs. Most of them have logical endpoints, like the end of expedition, ending the ARG once someone has figured out the last clue, and so on. Figuring out when to end an ARG can be easy when you have built-in goals for people to accomplish. It can be difficult when […]

It’s called reality for a reason

ARGs want to convince you that they’re real. It’s a simple problem but calls for a complex solutions. I want to run some scenarios by you: Someone wants to roll dice on every encounter. NOT an ARG. The story must have surprises in it. BOTH ARGs and Roleplay Games. Involve players by having an Easter […]

Johnn Four’s Tips for Secrets

Watch Your Trigger Never assume a secret is revealed at a specific time. A good test for this is answering the following two questions: If the players figure this secret out directly, does it ruin the plot? If my players never figure out the secret, does it ruin the plot? Note that those two plots […]

Johnn Four – Better Secrets

4 Tips For Better Secrets Hi Johnn, One thing about secrets I noticed is players can discover them easily or just miss the point. Therefore, I would advise a few other tips as well: Watch Your Trigger Never assume a secret is revealed at a specific time. A good test for this is answering the […]

When ARG Meets Real Life

An ARG is supposed to mimic real life. Not be real life. There’s fiction passed off as reality and often reality that seems like fiction, I am talking about the current political crisis. Often ARG designers shy away from controversy IRL because it will seem too real and not fun at all. The point is […]