Everything Counts

Everything counts while you play an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). It could small as all as a ring, or as big as a city, , anything can and will be used to further the plot. You should be on the ball because there will be clues and puzzles, etc. that are difficult to solve.


Are endless with ARGs, Are you up for a mystery? Or Science Fiction? Or a conspiracy theory? You can do it! The possibilities are endless with story-telling.


The fabulous thing about ARG’s is that you can let your imagination run free. It can span galaxies (just make sure that all the actions occur on Earth) or be as simple as solving a murder. I like to use SpiderScribe™ software to keep track of all sorts of things from names of NPC (Non-Player […]

How to…

Make your ARG more realistic: Refer/embed [to] real places Refer/talk about [to] real activities Start a website they can access freely Start a website that requires a key/clue to access it Get a good artist to design your logo and webpages Suggest a website where they can discuss the ARG privately Set-up dropboxes/places all over […]

How to be a successful PM

Successful Puppet Masters have 3 things in common: Patience Time Imagination Patience has to exercised when no one seems to be getting your clues. Clues are arguably the crux of the matter where ARGs are concerned. If nobody’s getting it you can have an NPC guide the player(s). That’s when a “neutral” [Out Of Game] […]

Story Based ARGs

I tend to write story heavy ARGs. They are mostly about fictitious places or real places with fictional characters. As all ARGs are. But, I flatter myself that can tell a heck of a story. Up in the mountains of W. Djahar live a tribe of people with vastly superior technical abilities. They are descendants […]


For people who have trouble with the abbreviation ARG, I frequently tell would-be players to “look it up” (with several examples, like the ARGnet site†) because that’s always the more comprehensive way to go. I tell genuinely interested people, not likely to play, that it’s based on alternate realities the Player Master creates. Much like […]