How to…

Make your ARG more realistic:
  • Refer/embed [to] real places
  • Refer/talk about [to] real activities
  • Start a website they can access freely
  • Start a website that requires a key/clue to access it
  • Get a good artist to design your logo and webpages
  • Suggest a website where they can discuss the ARG privately
  • Set-up dropboxes/places all over the country that you are in
  • Set-up a post office/UPS box
  • If they give you real addresses send mail/express mail them with clues
  • Advertise for “players” in craigslist, twitter, etc.
There are some tools you can use to make the ARG more real, for instance make a recording (youtube) of a person extolling the virtues of your product, etc.

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