It’s called reality for a reason

cropped-circularlogoARGs want to convince you that they’re real. It’s a simple problem but calls for a complex solutions.

I want to run some scenarios by you:

  • Someone wants to roll dice on every encounter.
    NOT an ARG.
  • The story must have surprises in it.
    BOTH ARGs and Roleplay Games.
  • Involve players by having an Easter egg, rabbit hole, clue, etc. sent via Youtube, or Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    THIS is an ARG.

There is no perfect tool to plan an ARG you can be as complex as you want to be, but if you do want to play well with others you should agree on a planning tool.

This is just one of the various tools you can use to plan an ARG (this was done in Spiderscribe):Politika

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