How Blogs and Vlogs Can Help ARGs

cropped-circularlogoHow many times have you thought about Blogs or Vlogs. In this instant gratification society it can seem like you are bombarded by videos, from the right way to brush your teeth to fixing a jet engine. People are cashing in big with their popular blogs or popular vlogs via ads, or via “word-of-mouth”.

Always uppermost in my mind how do you get an instant audience? It’s simple, you can’t. No matter how popular your ARG is there’s always the steep ramp up to popularity.

However. you can purchase an ad on a popular vlog, or better still (pretend) to take over the vlog (you can arrange payment upfront) and have a built-in audience. A more sneaky way to get an instant audience (again with the owner’s permission) with Stenography, i.e., show a picture with Steganograhic content. Or, you could embed subliminal messages in the video.

Now on to popular blogs, you can have your cryptic message at the bottom of the owner’s page or you may arrange for the first letter in every sentence be a message and so on.

Happy Blogging!