Alternate Reality in the News

cropped-circularlogoAlternate Reality Game named “Politika”

June 4, 2018

Politika is the story about a fictitious country called West Djahar and the turmoil that ensued when a new civilization was discovered in the remote western mountains.

The civilization was left alone to develop strange technologies and a unique language, unlike any civilization in the world. The present government has invited the United Nations to do what they can.

There are factions that grew around this turmoil. The Social Democrats want to teach them about Western culture. The Loyalists want to make a profit off their technology.

Politika is the one faction whose goal is to leave them alone, like the UN have a duty to protect the site. The UN can do very little because the people on the ground are too few. They have set-up an outpost at the foot of the mountains, staffed by five people to enforce the ban.

Make no mistake, the very future of West Djahar (and perhaps the world) will be depend on what happens in this tiny country.

This ARG is story of the Politika faction. How much would it take to deny access to the Loyalists and the Social Democrats? More importantly what are they willing to do and what lengths would they go to protect the UN Heritage Site?